What are your rates?

You can check out the rates on this page for 2 different types of retouching we offer: Bulk and Custom. the page also incldes work examples. 

How soon is my order ready?

For standard Bulk Orders (between 10 and 30 images) we reserve 2-4 days, weekends included. If you need a 24h Rush Order, please inquire about availability.

How do I submit images?

You can submit images either by WeTransfer to our email address, or by using the shared Dropbox folder we setup with any client who likes that. 

How do I receive retouched images back?

You receive the edited images either by WeTransfer to your email address, or by downloading them from the our shared Dropbox folder after our email notification. 

What are your payment terms?

We accept IBAN payments from EU clients and PayPal from overseas clients. We ask for 100% deposit at a time of placing an order. We do offer money back guarantee, and your full satisfaction is our highest priority.

Do you offer money back guarantee?

Absolutely. Throughout the long years of our service, we have only had a few instances when a client was not satisfied with our work, and we either refunded or re-edited the images.

Also, we offer a test image retouching to new clients, so they can assess our service free of charge before placing an order.